Four Good Reasons to Tint Your Home Windows (wp@9m!n posted on September 19th, 2012 )

Window tinting is often seen applied in cars and office windows. Nowadays, there has been a growing interest to put in tinting for the windows of the home. Essentially, the reasons for having window tinting at home is similar to what drove people to have them applied on their cars and commercial spaces. The reasons can often be summed up into four – energy efficiency, privacy, safety and aesthetics.

Energy efficiency is largely the main driving force for people to resort to window tinting these days. Homeowners of today are somehow paying close attention to having greener homes. With the aid of window tinting, solar control can be achieved within the residence. What this implies is that there is immense sun protection as well as heat reduction inside the home. Using solar control window films, the UV rays of the sun can be blocked by up to 99%. Glare can also be significantly reduced by 90% and the heat that enters the home during warm hot months is considerably lowered. One may also utilize low-E (low-Emissivity) window tinting which not only helps block the heat during summer, it can also help keep the heat from escaping through your glass windows during winter.

Privacy is something we ought to enjoy inside the home. However, if windows have transparent glass which any passerby or neighbor outside can see through to lay their eyes on you, you wouldn’t find the least bit comfortable staying inside your home. For sure, you wouldn’t want anybody monitoring your whereabouts within the home nor the activities or house chores you are doing inside. By putting up some window tinting, you can feel relaxed and at ease especially during the day without worrying someone has had their eyes trained on you. You wouldn’t also be forced to block out the streaming brightness of the sun from coming in by having your curtains drawn together during the day.

Safety and security is paramount in the home. The use of safety and security window films that are made of heavy-gauge plastic can help fortify your home windows and make them strong enough to resist break-ins. If high level security is what you need, there are also high-grade security window films that can be employed which can amazingly prevent having your windows disintegrate into fatal shards when subjected to strong bomb blasts.

Finally, window tinting can be used to improve the aesthetics of your house. There are many decorative window tints which you can use to add character and style to your home windows. Attractive choices can include frosted films, floral designs, architectural patterns and vinyl decorative films. All these can be applied in plain or colored hues.

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