Some Safety Tips in Using Ethanol Fireplaces

Whenever an ethanol fireplace is added into the room, it quickly transforms the space to become a magnet for people. The roaring fire in the fireplace attracts every member of the family to huddle around it and to spend a relaxing time before the fire. While lovely warmth and crackling fire can be enjoyed, it is also crucial that safety must always be observed.

Electric fireplaces are considered safe units because they don’t generate flying embers that can unpredictably fly about.  But since real fire is produced with the combustion of ethanol fuel, you should always exercise caution. Whenever there’s heat and fire, you need to be careful as little errors can lead to potentially catastrophic results. Some safety tips that you should heed when it comes to these flame heating units include the following:

-You should position your ethanol fireplaces a safe distance away from any items, combustible or not. If you are to place your tabletop models on top of your desk or dining table, make sure that there are no nearby papers, decors or electrical appliances lying close to it. A safe distance of 3 feet or even more must be observed.

-Your fireplace should only be operated by an adult and it must be attended to at all times. Keep children away when you are lighting or extinguishing the flames. Never allow them to operate the unit on their own.

-Preferably, with kids around, you should choose ethanol fireplaces that are wall-mounted. Floor-standing and tabletop designs are never ideal with little toddlers moving around. Remember, these fireplaces can generate as much as 8,000 BTUs of heat. Touching the glass enclosures can lead to severe hand burns to your little ones. They can also potentially knock them over which can end up in a serious fire in your home. Pets can also create the same hazards so make sure to choose units that will prove safe for everybody.

- The ethanol fuel is highly combustible so you should be careful when handling this fuel. Never open the bottle near the open flame. If you are to store it, keep it away from direct sunlight and keep it far from the reach of your kids. See to it that the container is sealed tightly to avoid leaking fumes.

-When refilling your fireplace, make sure that all the flames are extinguished. Make sure also that the fuel reservoir isn’t hot to touch. Better wait to cool it down before attempting to add more. Never refill with open flames roaring in the fireplace as you are risking a full-blown and uncontrollable fire.

-Lastly, fill your fireplace fuel reservoir up to ¾ full only. Never fill it to the brim. If there are spills on the surface, wipe it clean right away. It is also important to make use of a long-snouted lighter when lighting up the fuel.